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Lags ‘R Me . . . :P

I have a confession to make. I, Fideaux Boucher, cause lag.


I suppose that I had heard that attaching lots of prims to your avatar caused lag, but it wasn’t until I saw the following video from Torley Linden that I really understood how it worked:



At the very end, Torley comments about how the effort involved by the grid in drawing prims attached to avatars (called Avatar Rendering Count, or ARC in Linden-speak) is a major source of lag. So just to be curious, I thought I would check my own number. How bad could it be, right?

Way In The RED!!!




How could this be!! I’m a good SL citizen. I pay my fees, I clean up my prims from sandboxes, I update my profile . . . occasionally. How could I be a drag on the net?

 So I immediately decided to jettison some things. First my necklace, my mala beads that were a group gift from a Buddhist group I’m part of. Still over 2100. Oh my, I’m going to have to cut a little deeper. So off with my new leather braclets. I love these things. Color change scripts . . . sigh.

Still over 2000? Damn. Am I much more complicated than I thought?

So now, I detach my beloved AKEYO chucks. And my prim hair. Well, now that makes a difference. But still over a 1300 prims, well in the orange range. What else could it be? Am I doomed to be a bald, unadorned, shoeless weirdo for the rest of my Second Life? And then it hits me . . .






Arcadia Asylum makes great freebies and sells a lot of them on I was so tickled to find this typewriter typing override. Detach it though, and just like that, I go from 1376 to a paltry 25.

So as much as I love it, I’m putting the Ol’ Smith & Corona in an inventory box. Maybe I’ll drag it out when I go to a writer’s group meeting or something. And I can wear my shoes and other things and keep below 1000. And after this, I have only one question . . .

Torely, am I a good SL citizen now? 😀



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Get Down!! Get Funky!!

Me and Marie, gettin jiggy!! 😀

Dancin . . . Dancin . . . DANCIN!! DANCIN MACHINE!!

Dancin . . . Dancin . . . DANCIN!! DANCIN MACHINE!!

Took Marie to Jade’s Jazz Island tonight. Had a little romance and a little fun. You can always count on Jade’s for a good time with good events. I highly recommend it. 😀
Still waiting on the RL work front. But took some of the day to look at this. It’s a web site that specializes in virtual worlds jobs. Wait . . . I can get paid for doing what I’m gonna do any way. Ahhhhh, a little avatar can dream can’t he? Hee hee. 🙂

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What I have been waiting to tell you . . .

Wow, do I have a lot of stuff to tell you since my last “real” post on the old AOL blog!

A quick word about AOL: I suppose that the blog writing feature is very user friendly . . . if you are using AOL as your web browser. Otherwise it’s not easy or fun to use. You have no ability to upload pictures or anything. Live help, while being polite, is not a whole lot of help in this regard either.

So I throw myself on the mercy of the greater blogosphere. 😀 Please be gentle.

Well the main thing is that I convinced my RL partner to partner with me in SL. I think she is really intimidated by SL. I took to it pretty quick considering my video game background. SL looked like “The Sims” to me, so it looked like fun. But since I am way out here in NM and she is still in Alabama, this is just another way we can stay in touch. Therefore, I’d like to ask all of my SL friends to welcome her if you see her. I think you will love her too if you get to know her.

My RL partner is with me in SL now.

My RL partner is with me in SL now.

And in RL, my new job starts tomorrow. I think. I might just be doing more preliminary paperwork. But at least I can make some more money. The new boss has promised me a little back pay for my time spent waiting. Unfortunately, my RL self has to eat, have a place to sleep, and clothe itself. Irritating isn’t it? 😛

I have been using the time to do a little SL related writing. Here’s my submission for a Haiga poetry contest. What’s Haiga poetry? Check the link below to see for yourself.

Fusion of visual and written art

Hagia: Fusion of visual and written art

Thanks for coming by, and hit me up with an IM inworld sometime.



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OMG!! I did it!!

Well, after a few faltering stabs, I have managed to succeed at setting up a new WordPress account. I think this will be a lot cooler. I already like the versatility of the design better. You like my custom header? 😀

I’ll post more later. This was just a test.

Here’s a link to the old AOL stuff:


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