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My first ban :(

After over a year in SL, I have been booted from SL for violation of TOS. I was trading attacks with some doofus in a sandbox when a Linden (Minerva Linden to be exact) came by. I got booted for an hour.

Not my best moment I admit. I let my frustration with griefers get the better of me. I violated my own rules of just moving away or muting. So I guess I got what I deserved.

I’d like a chance to talk to a Linden afterwards, just to be sure things are ok. But I doubt I’ll get it. So I guess lesson learned.



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Brooklyn is Watching

 Here’s my posting at the Brooklyn is Watching exhibition.

Maybe this will generate some comments. 🙂

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A thought or few about greifing . . .

Wow!! Bout time for another post, don’t ya think? 😉

Something that has been on my mind lately has griefing. Especially after watching the video recently from the Lindens on the matter:

I sometimes hang around sandboxes so it’s not unusual to run across a greifer. It’s where all the cool builds are happening after all. While I have some offensive protection and defense (Heh, sorry not gonna give ya those specifics. Greif me and you might find out though. :P), but generally the best approach I’ve found is to just sit and wait it out. Most greifers seem to have a bit of a short attention span, and rapidly lose interest after a few minutes. But sometimes the only thing you can do is move to another sim.

I have at times tried to engage a greifer in an IM as to why they are doing their activities. I have yet to get a response. But I think it is good to remind them that there are people at the other side of the screen.

But I’d be curious to know how other people deal with greifers. If you have a novel way of handling them let me know.



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Running the roads in RL

Whew, what a crazy few weeks in RL!!

I imagine you haven’t seen much of me in SL lately, because I just started a new job in RL. While I like it so far, it keeps me from getting online at all, because I’m on the road a lot. I suppose I better ask for a little laptop from Santa this Christmas. Any elves reading? 😉

The neatest thing that has happened to me as of late is when I saw a roadrunner.

No, not this:


But this:

It’s a little rare to see one, because they are shy around people. But they are good to have, because they control the rattlesnake population. So I’ve always taken an appearance by one to be good luck. Unless you are a rattlesnake. 😀

Here, learn more :

So that means, to me anyway, that I’m on the right track here in RL. And if RL is good, SL will always follow.



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