NO SL ON 10/31!!

NO SL 10/31/08!!

NO SL 10/31/08!!

I’m not terribly political, but this is an issue that everyone that does ANYTHING in SL should care about.

Linden Labs has decided to raise the tier price for “Open Space Sims”. They intend to double it in fact, from $75 US to $125 US. If that weren’t bad enough for SL businessmen and landowners, they have also decided to no longer offer the 50% discount to non-profit and educational groups. They will have to pay the full price now, a jump from $37.50 US to $125.

So I urge everyone to boycott SL on 10/31/08 in protest against these oppressive prices. The Lindens will drive away the very people that have made SL so special. Please let your voice be heard on this issue.

You can read the official blog post here:

Here’s where you can sign a virtual petition against the price hike:



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