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3’s About Me

Not long ago I got a notecard from a friend of mine. One of those “fill in the blanks and pass it on to friends” kinda things. I took a miniute to fill it out and this is what I came up with. 😀

3’s About Me

1.  Fiddy
2.  Fido
3.  Fi (like fe, “FI”, fo fum)

1. Actor
2. Delivery Truck Driver
3. Tech Support

1. Louisiana
2. New Mexico
3. Alabama

1. Attack of the Show
2. Who’s Line is it Anyway?
3. SportsCenter

1. Carlsbad Caverns
2. New Orleans before Katrina 🙂
3. New Orleans after Katrina 😦

1. the signifigant other
2. work
3. some guy from Nigeria

1. Sushi
2. Red Beans & Rice
3. Deep Dish Chicago-Style Pizza

1. Shelby
2. Kiki
3. Ellari

1. My next edition of “Superman”
2. Moving into my new house
3. Next football season




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New Year’s thoughts and resolutions

Hey everyone! Happy New Year and all that.

I really wasn’t lazy about this post this time. I really wanted to give it some thought before I posted something. It has been a tough thing to consider, because I really wanted to address something that I’ve noticed in my circle of SL friends.

I know of 3 people (including 2 very close friends) that over the past year have decided, for various reasons, to leave SL. And the reasons are not for lag or grid performance or anything else like that. They had made the decision because they either were hurt by an SL relationship or SL was affecting their RL relationships in a negative way.

Now until recently I hadn’t given much thought to my RL relationships. But upon further reflection, I have to admit that I came to SL to find something I wasn’t able to recognize in RL. And I realize that was a negative, and ultimately hurtful, reason to do SL. SL is, at its heart anyway, just a bunch of people interacting with each other. But it can isolate you from RL too.

So with that in mind, I’ve made some new year’s resolutions, with an eye to live bravely in RL AND SL:

1.      To nurture and care for the relationships in my life. I haven’t done a good job of this to be honest. I’ve lost touch with old friends that I wish I hadn’t. And I want to have some really good friendships and relationships with my SL friends too. If you reading this, you probably are already a good friend of mine. Or, I bet I’d like you to be. J

2.      To evaluate those relationships that I actively participate in with a more critical eye as to my participation in them, both positive and negative. I have a bad habit of looking elsewhere for blame. I’m where I’m at in life not just by circumstance, but also by choices I have made.

3.      To participate more actively in my spiritual practice. I’ve let this one slide quite a bit. I’m a bit lazy by nature I guess. 😛

4.      And finally, get back to my “playing” shape and weight. Whatever that might mean. Lazy here too. 😛

5.      Start my fiction writing again. Lazy, lazy, lazy. 😛

That’s it I guess. Best wishes for the New Year and keep in touch.



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Party like it’s 1/20/09!!

Ok, I’m a little political. So sue me. 😛


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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!! :D

Heyas peeps! A few changes you should know about. J

First off, AOL Journals has decided to close up shop. No surprise there, it was an awful clunky interface. I’ve cut and pasted my old blog entries from there to their own page here. Might be a little awkward to read at first, but I’ll try to straighten that out with time.

Second, I’ve gotten a new RL job. One that I think will allow me more freedom to do some of the things that I have wanted to do in SL for some time now. It will be tighter money wise for a little while, but I think I am better suited for this work.

So keep your pixels crossed. 😀



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Running the roads in RL

Whew, what a crazy few weeks in RL!!

I imagine you haven’t seen much of me in SL lately, because I just started a new job in RL. While I like it so far, it keeps me from getting online at all, because I’m on the road a lot. I suppose I better ask for a little laptop from Santa this Christmas. Any elves reading? 😉

The neatest thing that has happened to me as of late is when I saw a roadrunner.

No, not this:


But this:

It’s a little rare to see one, because they are shy around people. But they are good to have, because they control the rattlesnake population. So I’ve always taken an appearance by one to be good luck. Unless you are a rattlesnake. 😀

Here, learn more :

So that means, to me anyway, that I’m on the right track here in RL. And if RL is good, SL will always follow.



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Get Down!! Get Funky!!

Me and Marie, gettin jiggy!! 😀

Dancin . . . Dancin . . . DANCIN!! DANCIN MACHINE!!

Dancin . . . Dancin . . . DANCIN!! DANCIN MACHINE!!

Took Marie to Jade’s Jazz Island tonight. Had a little romance and a little fun. You can always count on Jade’s for a good time with good events. I highly recommend it. 😀
Still waiting on the RL work front. But took some of the day to look at this. It’s a web site that specializes in virtual worlds jobs. Wait . . . I can get paid for doing what I’m gonna do any way. Ahhhhh, a little avatar can dream can’t he? Hee hee. 🙂

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What I have been waiting to tell you . . .

Wow, do I have a lot of stuff to tell you since my last “real” post on the old AOL blog!

A quick word about AOL: I suppose that the blog writing feature is very user friendly . . . if you are using AOL as your web browser. Otherwise it’s not easy or fun to use. You have no ability to upload pictures or anything. Live help, while being polite, is not a whole lot of help in this regard either.

So I throw myself on the mercy of the greater blogosphere. 😀 Please be gentle.

Well the main thing is that I convinced my RL partner to partner with me in SL. I think she is really intimidated by SL. I took to it pretty quick considering my video game background. SL looked like “The Sims” to me, so it looked like fun. But since I am way out here in NM and she is still in Alabama, this is just another way we can stay in touch. Therefore, I’d like to ask all of my SL friends to welcome her if you see her. I think you will love her too if you get to know her.

My RL partner is with me in SL now.

My RL partner is with me in SL now.

And in RL, my new job starts tomorrow. I think. I might just be doing more preliminary paperwork. But at least I can make some more money. The new boss has promised me a little back pay for my time spent waiting. Unfortunately, my RL self has to eat, have a place to sleep, and clothe itself. Irritating isn’t it? 😛

I have been using the time to do a little SL related writing. Here’s my submission for a Haiga poetry contest. What’s Haiga poetry? Check the link below to see for yourself.

Fusion of visual and written art

Hagia: Fusion of visual and written art

Thanks for coming by, and hit me up with an IM inworld sometime.



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