The Fund Fiddy Project!!


Hi everyone! I know, I know . . . been a while huh? 😛


But I have been really busy. I have a new house I been slowly unpacking and moving into a new house over the past few months. Work is still good, but it is a little taxing and I come home a little sleepy at times. But I like my RL work at the moment.


A few other things. I have just started using AbiWord to start typing my blog posts and other documents. My laptop came with MS Word, but it was only a trial version. I ain’t paying Bill Gates just to type a few doc. files a month so I found this great free-ware. I highly recommend it.


Second, I’d like to announce my latest SL project. But first a little background. Back when I started SL I didn’t have a lot of money to spend. When I got some x-mas money (thanks grandma!!) I decided to put it towards a premium account. But I promised myself that I would not spend any more money on SL than my premium account fee. And I am proud to say I have kept that promise to this day. My small land plot and little skybox are all paid free and clear out of what I have earned in world.


But I have often wondered just how easily it is to throw L$ around. They are worth something obviously, as you can buy more and convert them into RL money. But inworld they seem like “monopoly” money. it so easy to spend them and it really doesn’t sink in just how much they are worth.


Just the other day I went to a . . . ahem . . . gaming establishment. You know with Zyngo and the like. They have free games there and since there is some skill in playing it (I think) I suppose that is how it escapes the gambling ban imposed in SL last year. Not all are free however. I found a game that played Solitaire. “Hey, I play solitaire on my computer all the time!!” I think. 2,500 lindens to play? No sweat. 😀


And 1 minute later . . . no win and no prize. And I’m out about 5 bucks of REAL MONEY >:0


So where the enjoyment and chuckles and “game-ish” fun I was supposed to get for all that money? It was lost on me for sure.


And then it occrued to me that fun is subjective. Some people like dropping that kinda cash to flip virtual cards around. That is fun to them. That is what they are willing to pay for.


So this is it. The big announcement. You ready?




And here’s how it works. If you think that I am funny, cool, or just a decent kinda guy, send me a linden. Just a linden. That’s all it takes. 🙂


I’ll post comments I get inworld on my blog here. And hey say anything you want. I’m sure someone will think it’s a scam or something and if you think so go ahead and tell me. I’ll tell you how wrong you are, but I’m not afraid of a negative comment. Or if you get a chuckle or two out of it that great too. Let me know.


And just to keep it extra super interesting, I am just going to mention it here on the blog and a copy of the blog post on my profile. No mentions of it in open chat. This is as much advertising as I am going to do for this. So don’t worry about getting a chain letter in the mail or something. 🙂


I hope to spark some conversation with this idea. And that alone is worth a whole lot more to me than any amount of virtual money you, me, or anyone anywhere has or will have.


Thanks for reading as always 🙂






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3’s About Me

Not long ago I got a notecard from a friend of mine. One of those “fill in the blanks and pass it on to friends” kinda things. I took a miniute to fill it out and this is what I came up with. 😀

3’s About Me

1.  Fiddy
2.  Fido
3.  Fi (like fe, “FI”, fo fum)

1. Actor
2. Delivery Truck Driver
3. Tech Support

1. Louisiana
2. New Mexico
3. Alabama

1. Attack of the Show
2. Who’s Line is it Anyway?
3. SportsCenter

1. Carlsbad Caverns
2. New Orleans before Katrina 🙂
3. New Orleans after Katrina 😦

1. the signifigant other
2. work
3. some guy from Nigeria

1. Sushi
2. Red Beans & Rice
3. Deep Dish Chicago-Style Pizza

1. Shelby
2. Kiki
3. Ellari

1. My next edition of “Superman”
2. Moving into my new house
3. Next football season



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A haiku moment . . .

“Blogs that have haiku

are pretty overrated –

but here’s one anyway”

hehehe 😀

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New Year’s thoughts and resolutions

Hey everyone! Happy New Year and all that.

I really wasn’t lazy about this post this time. I really wanted to give it some thought before I posted something. It has been a tough thing to consider, because I really wanted to address something that I’ve noticed in my circle of SL friends.

I know of 3 people (including 2 very close friends) that over the past year have decided, for various reasons, to leave SL. And the reasons are not for lag or grid performance or anything else like that. They had made the decision because they either were hurt by an SL relationship or SL was affecting their RL relationships in a negative way.

Now until recently I hadn’t given much thought to my RL relationships. But upon further reflection, I have to admit that I came to SL to find something I wasn’t able to recognize in RL. And I realize that was a negative, and ultimately hurtful, reason to do SL. SL is, at its heart anyway, just a bunch of people interacting with each other. But it can isolate you from RL too.

So with that in mind, I’ve made some new year’s resolutions, with an eye to live bravely in RL AND SL:

1.      To nurture and care for the relationships in my life. I haven’t done a good job of this to be honest. I’ve lost touch with old friends that I wish I hadn’t. And I want to have some really good friendships and relationships with my SL friends too. If you reading this, you probably are already a good friend of mine. Or, I bet I’d like you to be. J

2.      To evaluate those relationships that I actively participate in with a more critical eye as to my participation in them, both positive and negative. I have a bad habit of looking elsewhere for blame. I’m where I’m at in life not just by circumstance, but also by choices I have made.

3.      To participate more actively in my spiritual practice. I’ve let this one slide quite a bit. I’m a bit lazy by nature I guess. 😛

4.      And finally, get back to my “playing” shape and weight. Whatever that might mean. Lazy here too. 😛

5.      Start my fiction writing again. Lazy, lazy, lazy. 😛

That’s it I guess. Best wishes for the New Year and keep in touch.



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Happy Holidays!! :D

Hi all. I know its been a while since a post. I sense a New Years resolution maybe?

Anyway, I’ve decorated my loft for Christmas.







And I make this promise. Before the end of the year, a thoughtful, well written, blog post. 😀



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Party like it’s 1/20/09!!

Ok, I’m a little political. So sue me. 😛


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NO SL ON 10/31!!

NO SL 10/31/08!!

NO SL 10/31/08!!

I’m not terribly political, but this is an issue that everyone that does ANYTHING in SL should care about.

Linden Labs has decided to raise the tier price for “Open Space Sims”. They intend to double it in fact, from $75 US to $125 US. If that weren’t bad enough for SL businessmen and landowners, they have also decided to no longer offer the 50% discount to non-profit and educational groups. They will have to pay the full price now, a jump from $37.50 US to $125.

So I urge everyone to boycott SL on 10/31/08 in protest against these oppressive prices. The Lindens will drive away the very people that have made SL so special. Please let your voice be heard on this issue.

You can read the official blog post here:

Here’s where you can sign a virtual petition against the price hike:


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